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HIS342H5 / FRE342H5: History of Quebec and French Canada

A guide to assist students with research for the News of Your Birthday assignment.

Use Bibliographies

Works Identified by Experts

Reference sources may contain citations to other publications and/or primary material. Look under the Background Information tab. For example, Oxford Bibliographies Online has annotated bibliographies complied by scholars in the field. Identify the useful titles, then search for them in the UTL LibrarySearch.

Footnotes in books and journal articles may to the sources used by the author to support the discussion in the publication. Search for them in the UTL LibrarySearch.

Bibliographies in scholarly books often arrange sources consulted on a topic. The language may vary but the arrangement is clear - primary and secondary, published and unpublished, manuscripts, letters, papers, archives, and so forth. Look at the list of biliographies in your textbooks and assigned course readings.

How to Find and Download Ebooks (YouTube Videos)

How to Find and Download an Ebook in LibrarySearch

How to Find and Download Readings from the ProQuest Ebook Central Platform

Suggested E-Book Platforms

The UT LibrarySearch allows us to search and find print and electronic books, including books published by Cambridge University Press, Oxford University Press, and Routledge. You can also go to their online libraries to find their e-books: For example,

For the complete list of e-book platforms and collections, visit the Ebook platforms and collections page.

How to Find a Print Copy

Intercampus Delivery Service

There are 40 libraries at the University of Toronto, and you have access to all the resources. Because we share the resources and because multiple print copies are not necessary in the UofT library system, you may realize that the UTM Library does not have the book that you are looking for. When the UTM Library does not have it, you can request a book and pick it up at the UTM Library.

Watch the video below to learn the quick and easy steps:

Books are delivered to the UTM Library every Tuesday and Friday. Note that it will take more than three business days depending on our staff capacity.

Interlibrary Loan Delivery: RACER