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Research Guides

UN & Intergovernmental organizations (IGOs)

A guide to major print and electronic IGO information prepared by Sherry Smugler, Nich Worby and Sam-chin Li, University of Toronto Libraries.






  • A text submitted to a UN principal organ or its subsidiary for its consideration. For more information on UN document symbols see UN Document Symbols.

Official Records

  • Series of documents relating to the proceedings of principal UN organs and selected conferences
  • Include meeting verbatim or summary records, annexes and supplements


  • Written material issued by or for the UN for the public's use

Key publications online

Documents online

Documents in print

Available digitally through the Internet Archive and available in print by request at UTL Downsview. Accessing the Microlog collection will require users to either search LibrarySearch or Canadian Research Index. Individual fiche are available via request through LibrarySearch. Additional copies may be available at other University of Toronto libraries.

Documents: indexes & guides in print