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CHMC47 Bio-Organic Chemistry

This guide will help students enrolled in CHMC47 Bio-Organic Chemistry to complete assignments, specifically the Literature Searching Assignment and installing relevant chemistry software.

Finding SciFinder


  1. You must use your "" or "" email address when you register.
  2. You will get a confirmation email once you register, please remember to confirm your registration within the allotted time frame.
  3. Select the SciFinder classic interface and NOT SciFinder n option after you verify your account.

Once you have a SciFinder account, use it to sign in!

Draw a structure, determine the CAS#

How do you find the Chemical Abstract Registry number for a compound?

      Start by clicking on Chemical Structure under Substances:

SciFinder screenshot with Chemical Structure selected



      Change the structure editor tab to Non-Java.

      Change to search type to Exact Structure.

      Click on Click to edit. Now you can draw the compound.

      Browse through the results until you find the right compound.

SciFinder - Exact Structure Search

SciFinder help