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CHMC47: Bio-Organic Chemistry

A guide to assist UTSC students in this course find and use library resources needed to complete their literature searching assignment.

Where to find the CRC Handbook

Physical copies:

There is a copy of the 62nd edition of the CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics in the Librarian Office (EV 368).

Or, in the library:

How to navigate the online CRC Handbook

Screenshot of CRC Handbook Homepage

  1. Browse through the available information using the CRC Table of Contents and Help pages (left hand side).
  2. You can search the contents for specific information  in the CRC handbook using the text search or search for a compound or group of compounds using the Structure/Property Search (upper right corner)


CRC Handbook Table of Contents and Text Search

Screenshot of CRC Handbook Table of Contents

  1. Browse through the interactive tables. The interactive tables can be sorted according to the values in each of their columns.

Screenshot of text search results in the CRC Handbook

Enter your search term in the search box in the upper right hand corner.  In this example we have search for "sodium chloride" since we want both terms to appear in that order in our results.  A search for sodium chloride (no quotation marks) would have returned results that have both sodium and chloride somewhere in them.

  1. At this location in the screen shot you can see the icon (Icon for Table and Explanation in the CRC handbook) for the full table as a PDF - this document will describe the contents of the table and will also have the entire table.  Note that some of the properties are given as formula.  For example, density is a temperature and pressure dependent property, and you can calculate the density for some solvents from the formula and coefficients given in section 6 table " Temperature and Pressure Dependence of Liquid Density." While an interactive table would give the values of all of the coefficients you would need to open the full table to get the formula. 
    To find the values for your specific compound you can search within the PDF document by using ctrl + F (command F). 
  2. Interactive tables will have only the results that match your search.

CRC Handbook structure and properties search basics

In addition to searching the CRC Handbook using a text search you can search by chemical structure of by chemical property. To do so click on the link below the search box on the upper right hand side of the CRC Handbook screen.

Screenshot of the chemical structure search screen

To search by chemical structure click on the search box (1) and draw the appropriate structure (for more instructions on how to use the structure search interface scroll down this page).  Make certain that you have selected the correct type of search (2) before hitting the search button located below the chemical properties search box.

Screenshot of the search by property screen

You can also search by property.  For further description of how the search terms in each box click on the hint (Hint Button icon in the CRC handbook (a question mark)) button for more information.  You should also note how you are connecting together your structure and property search terms (see 1 in the above image).

More information on using the CRC Handbook