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CHMC47: Bio-Organic Chemistry

A guide to assist UTSC students in this course find and use library resources needed to complete their literature searching assignment.

What is Reaxys?

Reaxys is an electronic resource that can be used to find references for reactions and properties for chemical compounds. You can search Reaxys for references and information on:  

  • Chemical reactions
  • Organic and inorganic substances
  • Measured substance property data (including identification, physical, spectroscopic, bioactivity and ecotoxicological data)

Also included is a synthesis planner that displays multi-step reaction plans with the ability to include alternate options for a synthesis route.

Three ways you can search Reaxys:

  1. Text, Authors and More Search for articles and patents by topic, author, journal citation or patent number.
  2. Substances and Properties Search for particular substances by entering identification or property data, or by drawing the chemical structure or substructure.
  3. Reactions Search for information on reactions by entering specific reaction data or by using the structure drawing software.

Molecular Formula and Hill Order

When searching by molecular formula in Reaxys, you should use Hill Order.

Finding Spectra Information

Using Reaxys is one of the fastest ways to find physical data and spectra for compound of interest.

You can search by either entering a name/CAS# or by drawing a structure of interest.

***Make sure to select "Substances and Properties" and not "Reactions" ***

Once you enter either your structure or the name and click "Search", the results will be presented in a table format.

On the right hand side you can see a link for "Physical Data" followed by "Spectra". Click on the Spectra link to view more details.

Training Handouts

These are some handouts from the advanced Reaxys training that happed in September 2014.  


Content on this page has been adapted from the Chemistry guide created by

Patricia Meindl
Chemistry Librarian
A.D. Allen Chemistry Library