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Research Guides

BME1450: Bioengineering Science


Research articles are often on a specific research topic, and are usually written in technical terms.

They may be original research, or a retrospective look at what has been done in a field.

They may be peer-reviewed (or not), conference proceedings, or  journal articles.

To search for articles, it is recommend that you search in a database.  Databases may be subject specific or multidisciplinary.

You can also use Google Scholar to find articles.  Google Scholar will find articles that you might not find using a database - and vice versa.

A good, comprehensive search will search at least 2 or 3 databases (and/or Google Scholar), since each database is slightly different and covers different resources.


Here area  few databases that are useful for biomedical engineering.  

These databases focus on the Engineering Literature.

These databases focus on the Biomedical Literature.

This database focuses on the Chemistry Literature.

These databases are multidisciplinary.