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Gerstein Science Information Centre


Recent titles

The list appearing here will change from time to time.

Call numbers are given for titles held at Gerstein; if no call number, click on the title to see the location and availability.

Find Books at U of T Libraries

<<< This is a partial list of some recent  books at the University of Toronto Libraries on bioethics topics.

To search for more titles, go to the Library Catalogue (below) and type in your search terms and choose Subject (or author or title) from the drop menu.

Searching the catalogue will yield both print and electronic books.

Catalogue Search - Logo

Automatic updates for new books

You can subscribe to new titles via an RSS feed:

  • Do a search.
  • Look for the the orange RSS icon at the top of the results list of titles and click.
  • Look for the option to "subscribe"
  • Paste the subsequent information into your RSS reader.

These are generic instructions; there will be slight variations with different browsers and readers. Also, you must first set up your 'feed reader'.

Browsing for books on the shelves

Browsing for books on the shelves remains a useful option for finding books.

In the UTLibraries catalogue, you can browse  shelves remotely.  To do this:

  • first find a title of interest in the catalogue
  • with your mouse, hover over the call number
  • a tool tip will appear ("Browse the shelf at this call number")
  • click the call number
  • result: the whole collection, all libraries, both print and electronic titles, will appear
  • note the option at the top of the page to "select specific library"