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PSY372H5 Human Memory

Supports courses such as PSY372 on current theories and data on human memory, including neuropsychological mechanisms and theories.

Finding Full-Text Articles with Full Citation

With the new ALL search and ARTICLE search, it is easy to broaden your searches. 

Other tools, like Article Finder, help you to find a specfific article for which you have the citation.

Other Databases for Research on Memory

PsycINFO remains a powerful ways to access research literature on human memory, but other research databases such as EMBASE, PubMed, and Neurosciences Abstracs are essential for up-to-date research in the field. EMBASE, for example, includes the heading "working memory" in its thesaurus whereas PsycINFO does not.

Useful developmental and social aspects of human memory research can be also found in ERIC, Childhood and Adolescence, AgeLine and Teen Health databases. Access the other databases easily using these links: