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VIC109 : Innovators and Their Ideas

This guide is intended to assist students with their research for VIC 109, as taught by Prof. S. Nigosian in Winter 2012.

What is a Scholarly Article?

You can use Ulrich's Periodical Directory Online to verify whether a journal is peer-reviewed/refereed (a type of scholarly publication)

Evaluate This

Evaluate this article:

"Writing the Biography of the Prophet Muhammad: Problems and Solutions."

  • Is the article scholarly or not scholarly?
  • Is the article CRAAP or not?

Finding Journal Articles

Use the Library's Research Guides to identify relevant article-databases for your topic

Search ATLA Religion Database for peer-reviewed items on Zoroastriansim and Avesta

Search Index Islamicus for peer-reviewed items on Muhammad and biography


Search Tips:

Sample Topic: Zoroaster and avesta

  • use synonyms and variant endings of keywords
    --zoroaster or zoroastrian or zoroastrianism
    --sacred text or scripture

  • use truncation or wildcard symbols
  •  use DEscriptors
    --Prophet Muhammad
    --Early History of Islam Period of the Prophet & First Four Caliphs
    --Founders of Religion

Subscription-based Resources - Quick Links

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