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GGR107: Environment, Food and People

Cambridge World History of Food

This encyclopedia is part of Cambridge Histories Online.

Click on the above link and then search on Cambridge World History of Food:

It will come up in two parts. Start by selecting part 1, then use the "Search in this book" box to search for your topic within the book. Repeat for part 2 of the encyclopedia if desired.

Find other online library encyclopedias

TIP: Encyclopedia articles can help you get started on your topic by providing background or an overview and context on your topic. They are not research resources, though they may summarize research on a topic. Use them for background and for references to other sources, but don't quote them in your paper. This is as true for library resources as it is for Wikipedia.

Major reference collections

The library has many online encyclopedias and dictionaries. The following are two broad collections of reference resources:

Once you're in one of these collections, you can search on your specific topic.
This will bring up results in individual encyclopedias.

Finding individual online encyclopedias on a specific subject

From the library's homepage, select Databases:

Then select Article Databases by Subject A-Z. Select a subject from the drop-down list. The recommended databases for that subject area will display. From the "Choose Resource Type" drop-down, select Dictionaries & Encyclopedias


The list of relevant encyclopedias will appear: