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This guide will help you to find the resources needed to complete your research assignments.

Important Note About How to Use Reference Resources for Your Assignment

Reference Resources include encyclopedias, dictionaries, handbooks, companions, and even Wikipedia. You are NOT permitted to use Reference Resources as sources for this assignment, but you CAN use them to learn about your topic and lead you to further reading about your topic.

 Here is a list of the ways Reference Resources can be useful to you:

  • They provide introductory information about topics/people/event/places/objects
  • They can help you think of keywords to use as search terms to find books and articles
  • They often have bibliographies or lists of further reading that you can find to use as sources for the assignment


Reference Resources

The following reference resources are available through the UofT library system. Some are online, some are at UTSC Library, and some are at other UofT libraries (you can still borrow them byt requesting them through Inter-Campus Delivery).

Oxford Encyclopedia of Ancient Egypt

Historical Dictionary of Ancient Egypt

Biographical Dictionary of Ancient Egypt

Cultural Atlas of Mesopotamia and the Ancient Near East

Historical dictionary of Mesopotamia

Gods, demons and symbols of ancient Mesopotamia : an illustrated dictionary

Gods, goddesses, and mythology