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Medical Licensing Exams: Guides & Resources

Information and resources for Canadian and International medical students about medical licensing exam requirements in Canada and the United States.


Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada (RCPSC) 

The national examining and certifying body for medical specialists in Canada.

Credentials and Examinations: A credentials assessment is the first step towards taking the certification examinations. 

Step One: Assessment -Apply for assessment of training to receive examination eligibility

  1. Applying for a Preliminary Assessment of Training
  2. Applying for Evaluation of an Additional Specialty
  3. Application deadlines
  4. International Medical Graduates (IMGs)
  5. Policies and Procedures for Certification and Fellowship
  6. Practice Eligibility Route to Certification for Specialists (PER)

Step Two: Examination Registration - Complete and submit registration form to write the examination

  1. Instructions and General Information
  2. Fees and Deadlines to submit Registration Form
  3. Dates and Sites of Examinations (Spring) (Fall)
  4. Overview of Specialty Standards Suite
  5. Frequently asked questions

International Medical Graduates (IMG)

An international medical graduate (IMG) is defined as someone who has completed his/her postgraduate residency training outside of Canada or the United States.

To respond to societal needs and to address the shortage of specialist physicians in Canada, the Royal College has developed routes to certification so that qualified specialist physicians, including IMGs, can attain full Royal College certification.

Accredited Programs

The following provides a list of entry routes as well as the minimum length of training required for each discipline recognized by the Royal College. Accredited Programs

Routes to Certification

Additional Information

Click here to find out more information from the RCPSC website on examination guidelines for registered candidates and for information by speciality or subspecialty.

Additional resources

Examples of types of written questions

Information About Short Answer Question Format

Information About Multiple Choice Question Format

Clinical Laboratory Test – Normal Values, provided to all candidates at the written examination