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Research Guides

HIS109 : Introduction to Primary Sources

This guide is intended to assist students in finding primary sources as required by HIS 109. By Sara McDowell (Robarts Library) and Roma Kail (E. J. Pratt Library).

Digital Library Collections - publicly accessible

[Gordon Knox and Gunther von Fritsch setting up to film], Photograph, n.d.; digital image, ( : accessed February 17, 2011), University of North Texas Libraries, UNT Digital Library,; crediting UNT Media Library, Denton, Texas.

Finding Online Collections at UTL

Major collections for world and women's history include:

Find more

Use the Primary Sources for Historcial Research Guide to find reliable primary source databases.  


Or, from the UTL Library Home page:  

1. Click on ‘Subjects A-Z’

2. Choose ‘History-General’ or ‘History by Topic.’

3. Click on the ‘Text Collections’ tab.

Tips for Searching Online Text Databases

  1. Look up an author from the period. The database may give you the option of browsing for the author's name.

  2. To find a specific work, look up the title.

  3. The databases may provide a list of subjects that you can browse.

  4. Tips for keyword searching:
  • be specific
  • use 'near' to find your keywords close together, eg. wool near industry. You could also check the help screens for tips for the individual database.