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HISB03: Critical Writing and Research for Historians

This guide will help you to find the resources needed to complete your research assignments.

History Search Tips

When searching for historical material about a given subject, remember that the names of people, places, or events may change over time.

For example: depending on what term you use, the kinds of articles you will find about First Nations, the Czech Republic, and African Americans will vary.

The best way to construct a search is to join synonymous or like terms using "OR" : Bohemia or Slovakia or Czechoslovakia or Czech Republic.


JSTOR Full-text Search # of Results Date Range
Indians + Canada 12710 1744-2014
Natives + Canada 4401 1744-2014
Indigenous + Canada 4047 1783-2014
Aboriginal + Canada 2174 1799-2014
Bohemia 5771 1620-2014
Slovakia 1171 1919-2014
Czechoslovakia 5460 1920-2014
"Czech Republic" 515 1954-2014
Negroes 20493 1655-2014
"Colored Americans" 118 1838-2014
"Black Americans" 3182 1886-2014
"Afro Americans" 1703 1890-2014
"African Americans" 11350 1960-2014