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PRT458 : The Luso-Brazilian Short Story

A guide provided by E. J. Pratt Library to assist students in their research for PRT courses, as taught by Professor Josiah Blackmore.

Research Guides - Quick Links

Library Guides provide lists of subject specific resources to help you get started with your research:

Reference Sources

Find terminology, timelines, context, biographies, maps, etc.

EXAMPLES of Reference Sources


Literature Resource Center
Includes biographies, bibliographies, critical essays, work overviews, author-related websites, and timeline events. Information is taken selectively from Thomson Gale’s three author databases: Contemporary Authors Online, Contemporary Literary Criticism Select, and Dictionary of Literary Biography (DLB) Online.
Includes: DLB: Brazilian Writers, Vol. 307.

Cambridge Histories Online
Contains over 270 volumes of works published by Cambridge University Press since 1960. Includes: The Cambridge History of Latin American Literature, Vol. 3 Brazilian Literature: Literary Criticism in Brazil

Oxford Reference Online

Contains over 100 dictionary, language reference, and subject reference works published by Oxford University Press.


Dicionario Universal Lingua Portuguesa (PC5327 .D58 2002 REF Pratt)

Dicionário Sinónimos e Antónimos da Língua Portuguesa
(PC5327 .D58 2002 REF Pratt)

Larousse Concise Dictionary Portuguese English - English Portuguese (PC5333 . L36 2003 REF Pratt)

The New Appleton Dictionary of the English and Portuguese Languages
(PC5333 .H6 1967 REF Pratt)


Cambridge History of Latin American Literature (PQ7081 .A1 C35 1996 v.3 Stacks Pratt; also in Cambridge Histories Online)

Companion to Latin American Literature  (PQ7081 .H353 2007 Stacks Pratt)

Encyclopedia of Latin American Literature - (E-Book; PQ7081 .A1 E5 1997 REF Pratt)

Encyclopedia of Latin American and Caribbean Literature 1900-2003  (E-Book ; PQ7081 .A1 E85 2004 (REF Pratt)

Handbook of Latin American Literature  (PQ7081 .A1 H36 1987 REF Pratt)

Literary Cultures of Latin America : a Comparative History   (PQ7081 .A1 L525 2004 REF Pratt)

Modern Latin American Literature (PQ7081 .F63 1975 REF Pratt)

World Literature and Its Times: Latin American Literature and It's Times
(PQ7081 .M625 1999 REF Pratt)


Great Lives from History - The 19th Century, 1801-1900  (CT119 .G69 2007 REF Pratt)

Encyclopedia of Latin American History and Culture (Online Version ; F1406 .E53 2008 REF Pratt)


Cambridge Encyclopedia of Latin America and the Caribbean (F1406 .C36 1992 REF Pratt) 



  • Machado de Assis using Cambridge Histories Online
  • Mario de Andrade using Oxford Reference Online

  • Clarice Lispector using Literature Resource Center