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ENV4001H: Seminars in Environment and Health Resource Guide

Resources (databases, web sites, etc.) to efficiently find high quality information for environmental health research.

Medical Databases

Environmental Databases

Interdisciplinary Databases

Search Tips

Step 1: What are the main ideas of your research topic?

Example: I am looking for information on the impact of climate change on the spread of  malaria.

Main ideas: climate change  and   malaria


Step 2: Think of synonyms for your search terms

climate change                 malaria

climatic changes               vector-borne diseases

global warming



Citation Data Databases

  Search Google Scholar

The University of Toronto Libraries have licensed thousands of online journals so that you can use them for free as a member of the UofT community. Configure Google Scholar to know that you are a member of the UofT community:

  1. Click Scholar Preferences
  2. Under Library Links, type University of Toronto
  3. Click Find Library
  4. Click the box, University of Toronto Libraries - Get It! U of Toronto
  5. Click Save Preferences
  6. If the item is available at UofT, you will see check for print at UofT in your Google Scholar search results.
Google Scholar Search