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ENGB05: Critical Writing about Literature

A guide to assist ENGB05 students with finding and using library resources to complete a major literary research essay.

Before you begin....

Before you begin your search, you need to know what you want to find!

Begin the research process by developing a list of words that describe your topic.

Think of as many synonyms for each word as possible.

For example:

If you are writing about James Joyce, come up with words that describe the author, his writing style, his themes.

You can usually find this vocabulary by reviewing your lecture notes, reading relevant parts of course books, or searching Wikipedia.

Tip: Wikipedia is fine to use for getting background information, but it should not be used for your paper.

RE:search tutorial : Learn more about research for ENG05

Library staff have create a short interactive tutorial customized to ENGB05 to help you improve your research skills for this course and your future studies.  The tutorial is called RE:search.  (Librarian humour.  LOL.)