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UofT Theses Online

UofT Theses in Print

Many print U of T doctoral dissertations and masters' theses are listed in LibrarySearch. Older print theses may be listed in a card catalogue at the particular library in which it is held.

Theses from 2009+ are submitted online only to TSpace.

For information on print theses at different U of T libraries please click on the tabs above.

  • Doctoral dissertations and masters' theses submitted between 1989 and 2009 are listed in LibrarySearch.

    • Search by author, title or subject.

    • Browse theses and dissertations by doing an advanced search and selecting 'Thesis' from the format dropdown menu.

  • Doctoral dissertations and master's theses from 1972-1989 are also available on microform in the Media Commons, 3rd floor, Robarts Library.

  • Search for doctoral dissertations and theses submitted between 1930 to 1997 in the card catalogue in the Reference Department, 4th floor, Robarts Library.

    • Search by author, department, or subject.

Image of location of theses in Robarts Library

  • For University of Toronto masters and doctoral theses in the sciences consult the library catalogue. Theses can be searched in the catalogue by author, title, or department.

Where do I find a paper copy in Gerstein?

  • microfiche copies of U of T masters theses in the sciences are held in the Media Commons (4th Floor), Robarts Library

  • All theses are shelved by author name on 2-Below at the end of the Z call number range.

Please note that the Engineering & Computer Science Library no longer keeps print theses in the library.  Some theses are located at Gerstein Science Information Centre and others at Downsview. For information on a thesis is located see below.

If you have the citation information for a print thesis, you can search the UTL catalogue:

  • By the title of the thesis
  • By the author of the thesis

If you would like to browse UofT's theses holdings, use the following instructions:

  1. Go to the UTL Catalogue.
  2. Select Call number from the drop-down list.
  3. Type in the appropriate code (i.e. AEROS for aerospace science and engineering).
  4. Optional: Type in the year, if you know the year you are looking for
  • Example: AEROS 1985 

List of Engineering and Computer Science Theses Codes:

  • AEROS (aerospace science and engineering)
  • IBMEN (biomedical engineering/biomaterials and biomedical engineering)
  • CHENG & CHEMG (chemical engineering)
  • CIENG (civil engineering)
  • COMPS (computer science)
  • ELENG (electrical engineering/electrical and computer engineering)
  • INENG (industrial engineering)
  • METAL (metallurgy, materials science and engineering)
  • MEENG (mechanical engineering/mechanical and industrial engineering)
  • Finding theses from OISE

    • All OISE theses & dissertations submitted after November 2009 are available on TSpace

    • Pre 2009 theses are located on the 2nd floor of the OISE library and are filed alphabetically by author's last name

    • Theses are searchable in the library catalogue