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VPHC63 Seminar in Early Modern Art - Queen Elizabeth I

This libguide is meant to assist you in completing research related to the course "Animals in Early Modern Art."

Welcome to VPHC63 - Seminar in Early Modern Art - Queen Elizabeth I

Welcome to the Libguide supporting VPHC63: Early Modern Art!

This course and hence the research that you do, will focus on images of women and power - using topics of history, display, presentation, creation and interpretation  of objects created during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I. Her reign presented unique challenges to a culture that feared and disliked women, especially when they held power. This course, and your research, will investigate how the representation of a female leader reflected her particular culture’s beliefs about power, rulership, gender, beauty, and the ideal human form. Some questions that will be examined include:

  • What do such representations reveal about this culture and its beliefs?
  • How is the style of representation  and/or the materials used in the artwork related to the meaning of each artwork?
  • How have these ideals been adapted by subsequent generations, and how have they influenced our own understandings and representations of women in power? 

This library guide is meant to support the research that you do in this course. Get more info on:


Elizabeth (Armada Portrait) Formerly attributed to George Gower, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons