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VPHC63 Seminar in Early Modern Art - Animals in Early Modern Art

This libguide is meant to assist you in completing research related to the course "Animals in Early Modern Art."

Welcome to VPHC63 - Seminar in Early Modern Art

This seminar-format course will offer students the opportunity to investigate critical theories and methodologies of the early modern period (roughly 1400-1700). Focusing on such topics as a single artist, artwork or theme, students will become immersed in an interdisciplinary study that draws on impressive local materials from public museum and library collections.This semester, we are focusing on Animals in Art, with the time period ranging approximately from 1400 - 1800 A.D. 

This library guide is meant to support the research that you do in this course. Get more info on:



Chris Walton - Photograph of the Unicorn Tapestries - located at the Musee de Cluny - CC BY-NC 2.0