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VIC184: Individuals and the Public Sphere: Cultural Memory

A guide to tools and resources to assist students engaged in archival research.

In the Archives


This guide describes selected online resources in the field of archival resources. The intended audience is new users of archives, including undergraduate students.

Libraries collect published material, known as secondary sources. The holdings of one library may be duplicated in whole or in part by the holdings of another. If a book is lost or stolen it probably can be replaced.

Archives collect original unpublished material known as primary sources. Records held by archives are unique, irreplaceable, fragile and vulnerable. When archival records are lost, stolen, or irreparably damaged, the information is permanently lost.

This guide was originally created by archivist S. Larade and L.Sherlock for the course VIC184, Individuals in the Public Sphere: Cultural Memory. It is currently maintained by Roma Kail.