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Research Guides

SWK 4510: Research for Evidence-Based Social Work Practice

For SWK 4510 students, and other social work students, using database search strategies to locate relevant research evidence for papers and assignments.



Search tips and resources

Evidence-Based Practice Tools

Tips for finding qualitative or quantitative studies

Clinical Queries filter

Methodology Filter

  • For PsycINFO, there's a methodology filter available under additional limits. Filter to empirical study, quantitative, or qualitative

Methodology Oriented Locaters for Evidence Searching (MOLES) terms 

MOLES terms from Gibbs, L. (2003). Evidence-based practice for the helping professions, Pacific Grove, CA: Brooks/Cole Thomson Learning. They have been adapted by professors Esme Fuller-Thomson and Ted McNeill at the Factor-Inwentash Faculty of Social Work, University of Toronto.


Ovid Databases
  • RCT or randomi* or control* trial* or control* clinical or clinical trial* or random* assign* or random* allocat* or control* group* or comparison group* or treat* group* or wait* list* or control* condition* or quasi-experiment* or quasiexperiment* or (control* adj3 intervention) or (control* adj3 treat*) or placebo
Proquest Databases
  • (RCT OR (trial* NEAR/3 (control* OR clinical)) OR (random* NEAR/3 (allocat* OR assign*)) OR ((treat* OR comparison OR intervention OR control) NEAR/2 group*) OR (control* NEAR/2 (condition* OR clinic* OR intervention* OR treat*)) OR (waitlist* OR wait* PRE/0 list*) OR (quasiexperiment* OR quasi PRE/1 experiment*) OR placebo)


Ovid Databases
  • (("semi-structured" or semistructured or unstructured or informal or "in-depth" or indepth or "face-to-face" or structured or guide) adj3 (interview* or discussion* or questionnaire*)) or (focus group* or qualitative or ethnograph* or fieldwork or "field work" or "key informant")
Proquest Databases
  • (("semi-structured" OR semistructured OR unstructured OR informal OR "in-depth" OR indepth OR "face-to-face" OR structured OR guide OR guides) NEAR/3 (interview* OR discussion* OR questionnaire*)) OR ("focus group*" OR qualitative OR ethnograph* OR fieldwork OR "field work" OR "key informant" OR interviews OR "group discussion" OR "mixed method*")