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Research Guides

SWK 4510: Research for Evidence-Based Social Work Practice

For SWK 4510 students, and other social work students, using database search strategies to locate relevant research evidence for papers and assignments.

SWK4510 library workshop

The library workshop will help you locate the research evidence for your assignments by

  • Understand information search methods and reflect on your practices​
  • Build structured and unstructured searches​
  • Select appropriate databases for your topic​
  • Discover articles to use in your project

Links for today

Sample topics


  • In black men with mental health issues, does psychotherapy vs no psychotherapy improve mental health?
  • In adult substance users, is meditation or standard treatment more effective at reducing relapses?


  • If black students were interviewed in depth how would they describe their experiences with racism in post-secondary education?
  • If men in prison were interviewed how would they describe their childhoods?

Advanced search techniques