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SOC445 Sociology of Emotions

Getting Started

Check out the handbooks below for background information and research on the Sociology of Emotions.

Finding Journal Articles

Search Tips:

  1. Brainstorm and search using keywords. Hint: Start with the emotion and culture you have chosen for your assignment or the name of a researcher. 
  2. Use subject searching to find articles about your topic.  The thesaurus in Sociological Abstracts  will help you find subject headings.  Some subjects to consider searching in Sociological Abstracts include:
                            Social Psychology
                            The emotion you have chosen for your assignment, such as shame, anger, sadness, etc.

                            Sociology of Emotions
  3. Search Sociological Abstracts using keywords and subject headings.  
  4. Keep a list of the keywords and subjects headings that you use in your search.
  5. Browse the journals listed below to find articles for your assignments.



Browse the selection of journals below to find articles for your assignments. 

Is Your Article Peer-Reviewed?

Not sure if your article is peer-reviewed? Check out our video for instructions on how to search Ulrich's Periodical.

Get it! UTL Not Working

button not working in the database?  Check out our video for instructions on how to search for an article using the citation.