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POL115 Evidence and Argument in the Study of Politics

How to Spot Fake News

For more information, check out FactCheck.Org's article, How to Spot Fake News.

Finding Newspapers 

Use the databases below to search for newspaper and magazine articles.  

Search Strategy:

  1. Brainstorm simple keywords, such as the name of a person, place, organization, institution, branch of government, movement, etc.  Keep a list of the keywords that you use in your search.
  2. Identify a date range to narrow your search.
  3. Use quotation marks around search terms that are more than one word.  For example, "Justin Trudeau".
  4. Click 'Newspapers' in the Source Type box on the Advanced Search page to limit your search.
  5. You can filter your search results using the Publication title drop-down on the left-hand side of the Search Results page.