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PHY100H5: What's Physics Got to Do With It?

Get started on your Writing Assignment

The Library Catalogue

The Library catalogue can be accessed from the library home page: Catalogue.

If you search using the Search All feature, you will get books (secondary sources) as well as journal and magazine articles from the ProQuest set of databases. Remember to always check the source authority (source type - primary or secondary, source title, author credentials, publisher).

Here is what we would find for the search LIFE WATER MARS in Search All:

Authoritative Electronic Starting Points

Below is a list of quality secondary / tertiary sources that will help you get started:

Databases for Finding Articles

While the sources in the column to the left are great starting points, you can get the primary sources - the original journal articles - in a number of these excellent science databases. 

Remember to search Web of Science and Scopus using Boolean AND and OR operators.