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MGHB02: Managing People & Groups in Organizations

Summer 2023

Welcome MGHB02!

Your assignment involves both individual and team-based work.

You will work together in teams to research the management practices of a real organization. Your task will be to identify examples of how that organization applies OB concepts, theories, and/or ideas covered in this course.

Each individual will research one specific management practice/OB concept, critically evaluate the effectiveness of that organizational practice based on course material and research findings, and offer evidence-based recommendations for improvement in a short paper.

Your team will amalgamate this work and communicate the collective findings and recommendations in a presentation at the end of the term.

Please read the assignment instructions in full before exploring this guide.

Use this Research Guide for:

  • Learning about evidence-based, academic sources
  • Accessing peer-reviewed journal articles
  • Learning what constitutes plagiarism and how to cite properly