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MGFB10: Principles of Finance

Fall 2022

Welcome to MGFB10!

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Microsoft Excel is a powerful tool for approaching a variety of time value of money (TVM) calculations and graphing.  Knowing these TVM functions will assist you in answering the course assignment questions, and your term project requires you to use Excel for the numerical analysis of the case. We encourage all MGFB10 students to go through the online tutorials and other Excel resources available here.


Scan the QR code to access the guide.


Module 1 Introduction                     

Module 2 Basics of Excel              13:16

Module 3 Excel functions (TVM)   7:53

Module 4 Amortization Table         9:45


By the end of this workshop, you will know:

  • when to use absolute and relative cell referencing

  • how to write accurate formulae in Excel

  • know how to use Time Value of Money functions (FV, PV, RATE, NPER, PMT, NPV, etc)

  • Optional:

    • how to correctly create and format a mortgage amortization schedule.

    • how to plot data on a secondary axis.

Practice Workbook