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MGFB10: Principles of Finance

Winter 2019

Welcome to MGFB10!

Your assignment requires you to use Microsoft Excel to answer a variety of time value of money calculations, and create a mortgage amortization schedule.  We encourage all MGFB10 students to first go through the online tutorials:

Module 1 Introduction                      2:10

Module 2 Basics of Excel                   13:16

Module 3 Excel functions (TVM)     7:53

Module 4 Amortization Table         9:45


By the end of this workshop, you will know:

  • when to use absolute and relative cell referencing

  • how to write accurate formulae in Excel

  • know how to use Time Value of Money functions (FV, PV, RATE, NPER, PMT, NPV, etc)

  • Optional:

    • how to correctly create and format a mortgage amortization schedule.

    • how to plot data on a secondary axis.

Practice Workbook