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Research Guides

MAT198: Cryptology - The Mathematics of Secrecy and Security

Scholarly Books in UofT Libraries

Books can provide an overview of a topic and give you an idea of academic terminology, key researchers and wider context of a topic. 

Visit the UofT Libraries Website to launch your search. 

  • Keep in mind that UofT Libraries also contains books that aren't scholarly research (i.e., novels, memoirs).
  • Look for University Presses or that the author is affiliated with academic institutions / research organizations. 

Not sure? - contact your librarian!   

UofT Libraries Curbside Pickup Service

Current UofT Libraries participating in Curbside Pickup Service: 

Curbside Pickup Service is opening up at specific UofT Libraries and applies to select groups of books: 

Search Library Catalogue for Books, Journals, and Films

Search for books, journals, films and more using the search box below

  • You can select to search particular fields using the dropdown menu below (Title, Author, Subject, Call Number) or leave it set to "Anywhere" to search all fields.
  • Narrow to online resources on the search results page by marking "Online" checkbox on the leftside. 

Be aware that you cannot use Quotation marks (e.g., "film theory" ) or Asterisk * ( e.g., narrat*  = narrative, narration, narrator)  with this search tool. Instead visit the UofT Libraries Website to launch your search. 

Narrow to eBooks

To narrow your search results to online resources (e.g., eBooks, eJournals, article databases, streamable video / audio):

UTL website - search results page's Online filter

  1. Find the "Refine your search" menu on left side of the screen.  
  2. Find "Online" and click the check box on the left to activate the filter. 
  3. To deactivate the filter, click on the box again to remove the checkmark. 

Narrow by Library Location

Note:  You can request items from other UofT campuses (UTL at Downsview, UofT Mississauga, and UofT Scarborough) to be delivered to St. George Campus - Instructions for Inter Campus Delivery Requests 

Apply the Library Location filter

Screenshot-UTL website with library location filter and +More link

You can easily narrow your search results by library location (e.g. Innis College, Robarts, etc):

  1. Submit a search 
  2. On the left side of the search result page, find the "Refine your search" box which contains filters you can apply to your search results. 
  3. Under "Library", click on your preferred library location. If you can't see the library name, click on "+More" link in the bottom right corner to view a list of all the libraries associated with your search results.


Cancel filter: 

Locate the filter under “Your current search” heading and click the cancel button (red-X to the right of library name) to remove the filter 

Screenshot UTL website-cancel button in Current search box

(e.g., Innis College)