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ERS101H5: Planet Earth

Scholarly resources in earth science.

Journal Article Databases

Scopus A major interdiscilinary database with citaiton searching.

Web of Science An important interdisciplinary database with citation searching.

Journal Citation Reports

JCR, available from the same publisher as the Web of Science, allows you to find the impact metrics for journals. Web of Science also allows you to find author metrics.


The GeoRef database, established by the American Geological Institute in 1966, provides access to the geoscience literature of the world. GeoRef is the most comprehensive database in the geosciences and continues to grow by more than 100,000 references a year.

International Bibliography of Social Sciences (IBSS)

A major index for interdisciplinary scholarly research. The main focus is on the four core social science subjects, but you can use it as a starting point for research in the ProQuest interface.

GeoRef Search Video

GeoRef is part of Engineering Village. Watch this quick video to see how the interface works. Found on the Engineering VIllage training site.

Ulrich's: Is it Peer-reviewed?

How do I know that a journal is peer-reviewed? The best way to check is to look up the title of the journal in the authoritative listing of all journals called Ulrich's Periodical Directory.

The search screen in Ulrich's looks like this:







Type the journal title (like "quaternary science reviews") into the search window, then examine the results. Ulrich's will have separate records for the print and online formats of every journal, but what you need to see most is the icon of the referee T-shirt (shown below inside the red outline).

If the journal title is associated with the referee T-shirt, the content of the journal is peer-reviewed:


Article Finder (find Full Text)

With the new ALL search and ARTICLE search, it is easy to broaden your searches. 

Other tools, like Article Finder, help you to find a specfific article for which you have the citation.