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Research Guides

ECO340: Economics of Labour: The Distribution of Earnings

Supports the course taught by Profs. Maripier Isabelle & Jean-William P. Laliberté

Finding high quality sources for your assignment

The purpose of this guide is to help you find research resources, such as books and journal articles, for your assignments.

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From the assignment:  

  • Citations: The arguments developed in the paper to support its main thesis will have
    to hinge on empirical evidence presented in articles from economics journals, working
    papers, government reports or other scientific publications. Students are expected to
    consult at least three sources beyond the textbook and their class notes.
    All references should be properly cited and meet the standards of the Chicago Manual
    of Style (details can be found at:
    documentation). In the appendix of the term paper, students will be asked
    to briefly comment on how each reference is used in developing their arguments. Each
    explanation should hold in two or three sentences, and will not be counted towards
    the word limit.

From the rubric: excellent papers use high quality sources.