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CITD01: City Issues and Strategies

This guide will help you with CITD01 Map and Data Assignment and your Final Report.

Learning Outcomes

Developing Your Topic

  1. You will brainstorm and present a working direction on your planned area by determining the opportunities and constraints of the area, and review information gathered from the course of your planned area so to guide your research, reading, and writing of your topic.

Search Strategies

  1. You will identify a list of keywords specific to your topic in order to retrieve relevant books and articles in a library database for your research assignment.
  2. You will learn to design and refine search needs and search strategies as necessary and based on search results. 


Each group shares what their opportunities study report is on:

  1. Neighbourhood: tell us a bit about it in comparison to other city neighbourhoods
  2. Topic Area: what about your topic area is interesting?

Key e-Resources

Other Key Resources

Lib4Life: Library skills workshops for school and life


lib4life logoThe UTSC Library’s Lib4Life workshop series is currently on hiatus.

Please refer to the University of Toronto Libraries’ tri-campus workshops calendar to find other research skills workshops offered online for Fall 2020.

Undergraduate Research Events & Prizes

The University of Toronto is well-known for its dynamic research environment, and U of T Scarborough is committed to fostering opportunities for undergraduate research experiences. As part of this commitment, the UTSC Office of the Vice-Principal Research and the UTSC Library launched two research initiatives in 2016: the UTSC Undergraduate Research Poster Forum and the UTSC Undergraduate Research Prize. A third opportunity for recognition exists through the tri-campus Patricia and Peter Shannon Wilson Undergraduate Research Prize.

Each program provides an opportunity for students who have excelled in research, scholarship and creative activities to showcase their research and win cash prizes.

More Information

UTSC Undergraduate Research Poster Forum - Application deadline: Winter 2021

UTSC Undergraduate Research Prize - Application deadline: Winter 2021

Patricia and Peter Shannon Wilson Undergraduate Research Prize - Application deadline: Winter 2021