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CHMC47: Bio-Organic Chemistry

This guide will help students enrolled in CHMC47 Bio-Organic Chemistry to complete assignments, specifically the Literature Searching Assignment and installing relevant chemistry software.

Finding specific articles

You can find specific articles several different ways, including:

  • Article Finder (below)
  • Google Scholar (see next page)
  • Through a journal's homepage (see the "eJournals" page in this guide)

Article Finder

1. You can find the Article Finder in one of these places:

Screenshot of where to find Article Finder on the new UTSC Website


2. Enter your citation information.

Jiang & Yu. Fluorous Mixture Synthesis of Asymmetric Dendrimers. The Journal of Organic Chemistry (March 2010), 75 (6), pg. 2044-2049 Jiang, Z., & Yu, Y. B. (2010). 

HINT: You need to enter either a journal title OR ISSN OR DOI OR PMID (the fastest way to get to an article is to enter its unique DOI or PMID if the article has one) before you select the "look up" button. 

If you don't have a DOI or PMID, search using the journal title (listed as 'source' in Web of Science) and include the volume, issue and page numbers for the article - article titles are often very long in chemistry so I don't usually enter them into the form :)

Article Finder search page


3. You'll now be sent directly to a page where you can view/download the full-text article (this page will look different depending on the journal provider).

Sample results: Journal of Organic Chemistry

If the library doesn't have full-text then a list of other options (search the catalogue for a print copy, interlibrary loan, etc.).