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ANT201 World Prehistory

Keywords Worksheet

The Keywords Worksheet will help you sort out your search terms and use the correct Boolean operators.

CItation Indexes

Specialized Article Databases

     AnthropologyPlus is a specialized database. Try typing in one of the analytical methods to see if the search engine recognizes it. If you have too  many results, always add the term "archaeological site" to the search.

     Here is an example when the databases's search engine uses a different version of the term than your text, or what you are familiar with. If you start typing "tool use" , you will find the following suggestions:

     Which one would you choose? If you are not careful, you could end up picking the "tool use among early hominds" term which sounds promising, but is too specific, and returns NO articles!

     If you choose the database's thesaurus term of tool use, you will find over 600 results. Searching is iterative, and you should add additional keywords to bring up relevant results.