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Virtual Reality @ Gerstein + MADLab: Experience Room-Scale VR

HTC Vive

For more information, check out

Instructions for Use

1. Adjust the lens to be at the appropriate distance from your face.

2. Adjust the headset strap so that it sits securely and comfortably.

Product Safety Information

Booking Instructions

Click here to request a reservation on the HTC Vive in the MADLab using the Gerstein Study Room booking system.

  • Make sure to select "MADLab" in the floor selection list.
  • You will see a list of available HTC Vive time-slots in the calendar.
  • Select the time-slot you want (up to 3 hours) and fill in the request form.
  • If it is your first time, please indicate so on the booking request form.
  • Once the booking has been approved you will get a confirmation e-mail. Show this e-mail to the staff at the main Gerstein circulation desk just before the beginning of your booking, and they will give you access to the space.
  • If you cannot make your booking for whatever reason, please cancel your booking in the system.

Note that only current University of Toronto students, staff, and faculty are permitted to book time on the HTC Vive. For safety and security, the HTC Vive should not be used alone. 

Occupancy minimum: 2 persons

Occupancy maximum: 5 persons

Reservations must be made at least 2 business days in advance. 

Bookings can be made for a maximum of 3 hours in 30 minute intervals.

Everyone using the HTC Vive in the MADLab for the first time must include as part of their reservation a 15-minute orientation by Gerstein/MADLab staff on product safety information, use of equipment, and room policies. All users will be asked to read product safety information and sign a safety and liability waiver.

First time users will identify themselves as such in the booking request. 

All booking requests are subject to approval by Virtual Reality @ Gerstein + MADLab staff.

Requests to install software on the HTC Vive workstation need to be made 2 business days before approved reservations. Requests can be sent to

For more information, download the PDF of our policies for use below. 

What Software is Available?

Steam VR Tutorial

We recommend all first-time Vive users run through the 5-min tutorial. You will soon become comfortable with the various functions of the hand-controllers and virtual system menus.