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SSM1100YH5: Research Paper

A guide to research paper sources and strategies for SSM1100Y students.


FactSet offers brief ESG and corporate governance profiles and other related information for most large publicly-traded companies.  More in-depth corporate profiles for thousands of US public companies are also available.  Some board information is provided but FactSet's focus is on activism and takeover defense.

FactSet is available on all FLC workstations.

The FLC has closed in accordance with the Ontario government's shutdown of all non-essential services to combat the spread of COVID-19. 

Free accounts for remote access to FactSet are available on request. 

FactSet is available in two versions:

  • FactSet Web, which works with all computer types, AND
  • FactSet Workstation, which only works with Windows PCs but includes an Excel plug-in and templates.

To request a FactSet Web version, please complete this form.

To request an FactSet Workstation account, please email with the following information:

  • Your first and last name
  • You University email address (e.g.
  • Your expected date of graduation
  • Your program name

To see ESG or governance information for a specific public company, select the 'Company/Security' tab on the top menu after loading a company.  Then scroll down to the 'ESG' tab on the left-hand side to see a summary ESG snapshot of the company from Sustainalytics.   The 'Activism, Management and Governance' tab will include a 'Corporate Governance' profile. 

To view news and summaries about governance-related activism related to a specific public company, click on the blue '+' sign in FactSet Web, or select the '+' button next to the last tab on the right-hand side if using FactSet Workstation.  Add the 'Activism/Governance' tab.  Once added, select the 'Corporate Governance' to view a list of searchable headlines.

To screen for companies based on corporate governance criteria, select the 'Screening' tab and select the 'Starter Screen - Activism/Governance' to see the options available.

To screen for companies based on ESG criteria, select the 'Screening' tab and use the 'New Equity Screen' option to build a custom screen based on criteria and formula you choose.  Please feel free to consult your liaison librarian ( with help with this feature.

Please note that ESG or governance information will not be available for private companies and FactSet will not include this information for all public companies.