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SSM1100YH5: Research Paper

A guide to research paper sources and strategies for SSM1100Y students.


Bloomberg offers up to 12 years of annual ESG data for approximately 13,000 publicly-traded companies and daily granular governance data for a subset of 4,500 public companies that goes back to 2013.

Bloomberg is available on three special terminals located in the FLC.

The FLC has closed in accordance with the Ontario government's shutdown of all non-essential services to combat the spread of COVID-19. 

We are now providing online access to Bloomberg while the FLC remains closed.

To request a Bloomberg account and access this database online, please visit this page on the FLC website.  During September 2020, the process for creating a Bloomberg account and accessing a terminal remotely will change.  Please contact if you encounter issues with access or your account - we appreciate your patience!

To analyze the ESG performance of an individual company, load the company and then type FA ESG <GO>.  To generate an ESG report for a company via the Excel plug-in, type XLTP XESG <GO> .

To screen for companies based on their ESG performance, type EQS <GO> to open the equity screening function.  Once criteria such as exchanges or geography have been selected, type in 'ESG' to identify and select ESG-related criteria.

To learn more about the ESG data available on Bloomberg, see the handout below. 

Need help with Bloomberg?  Please email for account or technical assistance.  For help with questions about Bloomberg's ESG content or functionality, please email