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SPA195H: Barcelona

An annotated bibliography of expertly selected digital collections, scholarly books, and journal articles on the various historical, social, and cultural topics associated with the city.


A poster advertising the International Exhibition, Barcelona in 1929, featuring a Spanish village with a church and people.About the Guide

The content of the guide consists of an annotated bibliography of select scholarly books and journal articles on the various cultural aspects associated with the history of the city. It also contains recommended tools and resources for locating additional sources on these topics, such as digital collections of primary and secondary sources and journal databases.

The materials are intended to assist you with selecting a topic of interest and locating academic sources for the research essay. They are highly selective and we have chosen them based on the content, subject matter, required readings, and the description of the course, as outlined in the syllabus.

Jazz Age Barcelona

Professor Davidson’s book on the development of the avant-garde character of the city during the Jazz Age is available both as a print book and an ebook through the University of Toronto Libraries.



Lead image: Exposición internacional Barcelona, lithograph (1929). Wellcome Library no. 575610i (CC BY 4.0).