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ESC101: Praxis I

What are Codes?

"A standard is a code when it has been adopted by one or more governmental bodies and is enforceable by law, or when it has been incorporated into business contract" - ASME

Unlike standards, codes are required to be followed by law.  Codes also help to increase safety of people, structures and infrastructure.

Some examples of codes are the Ontario Building Code and the National Model Construction Codes.

You can use the Standards  & Code Guide below get more information on codes

Find Codes and Legislation/Laws

Since codes are collections of laws, you need to determine whether they are federal, provincial, or municipal in topic.

Many laws are available online on government websites. However, CSA (Canadian Standards Association) publish other Canadian construction codes and standards, such as the Canadian Electrical Code must be followed by law. The Canadian Electrical Code can be found in TechStreet.