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POLD38: Law & Global Business

Getting Started

To begin, select a global company and governance issue you'd like to research.

Business Databases

Search these databases for company information as well as business news and management scholarly journals.  

News Databases

Search the following databases for news articles on your company and the governance issue you've chosen to research.

Annual Reports

Annual report includes information about a company's activities and their finances.

PLEASE NOTE:     Only public companies will make their annual reports available on their websites

  • Search the company's website 
  • Having trouble searching the site?    Try adding "site:" to google search your company's website
    • E.g. If you were searching Barrick Gold's website for annual reports, you could search  site: + "annual report" 

Google Finance

Search for your company in Google Finance for information like market capitalization, stock price, and exchanges where it's traded.