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POLB50: Canada's Political Institutions

Consult this guide to find resources for your research assignment.

Welcome to UTSC Library!

Welcome to UTSC Library!   Use this guide to begin your research for POLB50.   Use the menu on the left of the screen to navigate this guide.

Evaluate Your Sources

Evaluate and choose your sources carefully.   It's important to choose high quality sources in order to write good essay.    (Choosing good sources can help you get better marks!).  Consider the following criteria:

  • Relevance:    Is the source relevant to your topic?
  • Authority:   Was the source written by someone with relevant academic qualifications?
  • Timeliness:   Is the source up-to-date enough to still be relevant to your topic?
  • Assignment Instructions:  Did your instructor ask you to use a particularly type of sources and/or avoid others?  If yes, use the type of sources your instructor has requested.

Want to learn more?   See  Source Evaluation Checklist.   Got questions?   Talk to your TA,  or instructor.