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POLA02: Critical Issues in Politics I: Revolutions

Use this page to start your research. Read your assignment instruction and establish what sources are required: At least four scholarly sources – academic (scholarly) articles or books relating directly to the revolution in question Such source

Find Relevant Required Readings

To get started, review your course readings and find required readings that are relevant to your topic.    Use required readings to locate more scholarly sources relevant to your assignment.

Check Works Cited (Required Readings)

Check the Works Cited of required readings that are relevant to your essay topic.    (You can also check the Works Cited of relevant chapters in your textbook.)  

Look up any articles on the library website.   If you have any trouble finding full-text contact Sarah Fedko, the UTSC Librarian for Political Science, or Ask for help at UTL library.  

Check "Related Articles" & "Cited by" (Required Readings)

Look up your required reading.    Check for related related and cited by

Search for Scholarly Articles & Books

Find Articles: Interdisciplinary Databases

Find Articles:    Political Science Databases

Find Books

Evaluate Sources

  • Specific Topic:   Ensure your sources are about the revolution you're writing about
    • e.g. Russian Revolution – February or October Revolution?
  • Academic Sources:  Be sure you choose academic books and articles
  • More Recent Publications:   Focus on more recent work that may better reflect state of scholarship


UTSC Writing Centre

Contact the UTSC Writing Centre for writing help.