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Research Guides

NMC101: Land of the Pharaohs

Getting started

This guide will help you with the library research you need to do for your essay and will develop your skills with library resources.

Library research can be tricky. Please don't hesitate to get help from library staff if you have any questions or problems. Many of you have a personal librarian - that person is another great resource.

As well, you can check out the Library's FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).


How to start?

For your essay, you can choose one of the sample topics (in the document below) or develop your own topic. In either case, you'll need to explore your broad topic before settling on the narrower, more focused topic you'll write about.

Some approaches:

  1. Get background information/an overview of the topic - see Encyclopedias
  2. Start your search by finding recommended sources (e.g. in the assignment, in the encyclopedia entry)
  3. Start your search by exploring the topic through keyword searches

Tip: on the subject of ancient Egypt, you may find that books are more helpful to you than articles - for example, you'll see more books than article recommendations in the sample assignment topics or in the course bibliography.