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MGT2251: Case Competition Research Guide


FactSet's Discounted Cash Flow template provides a summary of different valuation multiples based upon projected cash flows.


FactSet's Discounted Cash Flow Analysis template


FactSet's Discounted Cash Flow Analysis: Value Drivers






Load the desired company by clicking on the magnifying glass icon beside the 'Identifier' box.  A separate window will open for searching and selecting the appropriate company.  Click the 'Finish' button to load the company.  The spreadsheet will then refresh with new data for the identifier.


Scroll down to the 'Value Drivers' section to review the default inputs for these fields:

  • Revenue Growth
  • EBIT Growth
  • Tax Rate
  • Depreciation & Amortization Growth
  • Working Capital Growth
  • CapEx Growth
3. If you want to model DCF with different inputs, modify the data in the blue cells found in each 'User Input' row.  Think carefully about the assumptions implicit in the defaults - and about any changes you make!
4. Scroll up to the top of the spreadsheet.  Use the menus besides each of the categories to select 'User Input' if you made changes to the data items in the 'Value Drivers' section.  You can also use the toggle menus to change the 'WACC or IRR' and 'Terminal Value Multiple' rates in this section.
5. Select the 'Home' button to select another template.