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MGT2251: Case Competition Research Guide


Bloomberg's RV function is another excellent option for generating company comps. 

To learn how to access Bloomberg remotely and to make a reservation, please consult this page

Once you have logged into Bloomberg, load your target company at the blinking blue cursor.  Type 'RV' + press Enter or Return to load this function.


Use the 'Comp Source' pull-down menu to adjust the source for the comps being displayed.  The default selection will be 'Analyst Curated (BI)'.

In some cases, you may be able to select a company segment from the options listed under 'Segment' and generate a list of comps specifically for that segment.


Click on the pencil icon to add or remove companies from your list.  In the screen that appears, enter a company's name in the yellow '<Add Security> box to add it.  Click on the red 'x' beside the company's name to delete it. 

One you have finished customizing your list, click on the red '1) Save' option and name the group you have created - this is required in order to export the data.  When you return to the main RV page, the name of the group will appear beside the pull-down 'Comp Source' menu, which will also display 'Custom Comps' as the source.

3. Select a tab to view a different report.  The 'Comp Sheets' tab includes reports for equity valuation, CDS spreads, profitability, balance sheet, etc.

Click on the 'Custom' tab to build a customized report.  Select '93) Fields' to see a list of data items available for reports.  Many useful valuation data items are found under the 'Analysis' category.  Click '19) Save' if you want to save this report as a template for further research.

Click on the wheel icon to the right of the 'Custom' tab to add data items to an existing report.

5. Click on 'EQRV >>' to open this graph and associated metrics in a separate window.  This data can be downloaded into Excel.

Click on 'Export' to download RV data into Excel.