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MGT2251: Case Competition Research Guide


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Bloomberg offers:

  • close-to-real-time and historical public company, industry, market and economic data;
  • charting and portfolio management applications;
  • real-time news from hundreds of sources, including Bloomberg's own newswire service, and
  • industry intelligence and market research licensed from hundreds of third-party suppliers.

In partnership with the Rotman Finance Research & Trading Lab, the FLC is currently providing remote access to the pool of Bloomberg terminals available at the University of Toronto.  Reservations are required in order for access but can be made for immediate access (pending availability).

To access Bloomberg remotely, please follow these steps:

  1. Ensure you have an active Bloomberg Terminal account (see below for details).
  2. Complete the Bloomberg Calendar registration form.
  3. Download Citrix Receiver from here; this is required to access Bloomberg.  NOTE: If using Microsoft Edge, Chrome or Firefox browsers, Bloomberg may only recognize the Citrix client if it is downloaded from this link.
  4. Reserve a 1-hour time-slot on Rotman's booking calendar .
    • Our system for remote access to Bloomberg only supports one user at a time at a terminal; using Bloomberg without booking in advance may 'bump' other users.  Please respect your fellow users and make a booking.
  5. Log-in to Bloomberg at your reserved time. 
  6. Click on the Citrix Receiver (.ica) file to launch Bloomberg.
  7. Log-off from Bloomberg at the end of your session.

At the start of your reserved session, visit: to log-in. 

Remember: Bloomberg will send a validation code each and every time you log in to authenticate you as a user - please check your official University email account or your cell phone for the required passcode.


You will need an active Bloomberg Terminal account in order to access Bloomberg remotely.  Please ensure you have an active existing OR new account BEFORE your session starts.

If you do not already have a Bloomberg Terminal account, please do the following:

  1. Visit the Bloomberg Education Portal.
  2. Sign up for a Bloomberg Market Concepts (BMC) account with your university email account, i.e.
  3. Log into BMC and click the 'Terminal Access' tab from the top menu bar
  4. Choose ‘Request a Terminal Login’ and complete and submit the form.
  5.  You will receive a message like this:

Shared Bloomberg Terminal Access message

  1. An employee of one of the three University of Toronto finance labs will review and authorize your account request within one business day of submitting this request.  Unfortunately, Bloomberg does not automatically notify you when your account has been authorized.  Please contact to confirm your account has been approved.

If you have an active Bloomberg Terminal account but have forgotten your password, please visit the Bloomberg Education Portal to reset your password.

If you have a Bloomberg Terminal account but it has been inactivated, please contact Bloomberg’s Help Desk at +1 416 203 5788. Other international Help Desk contacts can be found here.

If you experience other account issues, please contact Bloomberg’s Help Desk at +1 416 203 5788. Other international Help Desk contacts can be found here.