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MDSC41H3: Media and Popular Culture in East Asia

A guide that will assist you in the completing research for all assignments related to this course.

MDSC41H3 - Media and Popular Culture in East Asia

This guide is meant to assist you with all of the research that needs to be carried out for the course Media and Popular Culture in East Asia. This course  explores the diverse forms and meanings of popular culture within and beyond East Asia, by examining examples drawn from television, video, anime, K-pop, fashion, video games, and more. It brings together theoretical concepts with popular cultural texts, and will help you to contextualize various processes that have helped to shape production, representation, and reception of media products in this global region. The course focuses on various themes and topics including the impact of popular culture on the histories of imperialism and war, notions of class, race, gender, and sexuality in national and global contexts.

You can find additional information on the research process here: