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Research Guides

Library and Information Science Literature, Publishing, and Communication

Overview of LIS literature, incl. LIS reference resources, LIS publishing landscape, & communication process. Distinguishes between scholarly and professional literature.

Purpose of this guide

This guide will be of interest to any LIS student or practitioner.
It was originally created for the iSchool course INF1300: Foundations in library & information science

Topics covered:

LIS literature & communication: Professional & scholarly literature, including key LIS reference resources; venues of scholarly & professional communication, including associations; journal rankings
LIS publishing landscape:  types of publishers; profiles of selected LIS publishers; issues & trends in LIS publishing


Table of contents

This guide contains introductory information on the following topics.

1. LIS literature

  • Definitions and overview
  • Different resource types
  • Professional vs scholarly literature
  • Comparison of professional vs scholarly journals
  • Examples of professional literature
  • Examples of scholarly literature

2.  Publishers in the LIS field

  • Trade publishers
  • University presses
  • Associations
  • Alternative presses

3. Communication in the LIS field

  • Definitions and overview
  • Scholarly communication
  • Professional communication
  • Associations

4. Journal rankings

  • Definitions and overview
  • Impact factors & Journal Citation Reports
  • Scimago Journal Rankings
  • ERA


Nalini K. Singh -- Inforum Librarian, Faculty of Information, University of Toronto  |  Created Fall 2011 with Elisa Sze.

Alicia Lee | TALInt Student (2020-2022) | Fall 2020 update

Madison Stoner  |  Inforum Student Assistant (2019-2020)  |  Fall 2019 update

Elyse Hill  |  Inforum Student Assistant (2017-2019)  |  Fall 2018 update

Eden Rusnell  |  Inforum Student Assistant (2015-2017)  |  Fall 2016 update

Katie Wilson  |  Inforum Student Assistant (2014-2017)  |  Fall 2014 & Spring 2016 update

Ned Struthers  |  Inforum Student Assistant (2011-2013)  |  Fall 2013 update

Amanda Brooks  |  Inforum Information Professional (2012-2013)  |  Fall 2012 update