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HIS101H5 UTM Introduction to Historical Studies


This guide is designed to help you find information to support your work with your Primary Source Study and Research Essay.

The section entitled 'Background Information' will help you find information on the subjects of your primary source and research.

The Oxford Bibliographies Online provide authoritative references for students to consult.

To understand the historical language of your source  use the Oxford English Dictionary. The meaning of words change through time

Once you identify items you wish to locate in the library use the 'Finding Books' section. It shows how to find books and journal articles.

If you wish to search for journal articles on your topic, several relevant databases are listed in 'Finding Articles'.

Locating,reading and understanding information is one part of your work, telling others what you have found is critical. To help you write up your work a section entitled 'Writing Resources' is available.

The UTM Library provides many types of help, as you can see in the box below.

Please take advantage of this help, we enjoy helping our students!

Best Wishes,

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Historical Studies Liaison Librarian


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