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Graphic Novels

Health Related Graphic Novels

Below is a list of graphic novels that discuss health issues. The topics in this list range from HIV-positive/AIDS to Depression, from Schizophrenia to Alzheimer's Disease. This is not a complete list but gives you an idea of the range of health topics covered in graphic novels.

How to find more Health Related Graphic Novels

Unlike many of the graphic novels in our collection that are catalogued in section PN6700 under the author's last name, graphic novels that deal with health issues are often catalogued under their subject matter instead. This means that many graphic novels related to health studies are found under section R.

These graphic novels are also difficult to find because there can be a diverse range of health issues that are covered. However, if you limit your search to Graphic Novels and then search for terms such as AIDS disease or mental illness the catalogue will catch some books with these themes.