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GGRA03: Cities and Environments

This guide will help students in GGRA03 find scholarly sources in relevent databases, statistics, and newspaper articles for their major research paper.

Example: Identify Search Strategy with Keywords

Step 1. Describe your Topic

What are strategies that cities are taking to reduce air pollution from cars?  

Note, this is not a final research questions/thesis - just the start. 

Step 2: Identify keywords for your topic.
Concept 1 Concept 2          Concept 3        Concept 4
"air pollution" cars  cities strategies
Step 3: Find synonyms 
Concept 1            Concept 2                       Concept 3       

Concept 4

"air pollution" cars cities strategies
climate change automobiles megacities sustainability


Step 4: Build a search 
Concept 1 Concept 2          Concept 3        Concept 4

("air pollution" OR climate change) AND (cities OR megacities) AND (cars OR automobiles OR transportation) AND greening