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iSkills Workshop: Financial Literacy

A guide to accompany the February 7, 2018 workshop held for iSchool students.


This workshop is intended to provide a forum and resources that empower students to increase their financial literacy. 

While it will highlight five basic, simple strategies students can use to take charge of their finances, the focus of this guide is on providing information resources that students can use to develop their own skills and knowledge in this area. 

This workshop is NOT intended to:

  • provide investment or financial advice,
  • recommend specific financial products or services, or
  • function as a substitute for professional advice, such as that provided by a Certified Financial Planner or another financial professional .

Participants are encouraged to share their own experiences and recommend tools or resources.  We can all learn from one another!

A big thank-you to Maria Ruiz, 2017-18 GSRA for the Li Koon Chun Finance Learning Centre and MISt student (2017), for contributing content to the original version of this guide.